On June 1, 1886, Alleghany Springs Hotel was officially opened for business. As was the custom of that period, a lookout tower and flagpole topped the building. There were gas lights, electric call bells and a bathroom on each floor. The bath house, near the spring afforded hot and cold baths.

The parlor was on the second floor. It was luxuriously furnished in golden brown upholstered love-seats, divans and chairs. The prisms on the crystal chandeliers reflected rainbows over the rosewood piano, the Brussels carpet and the rich brocade drapes. Bedstands, marble topped washstands, dressers and tables of Walnut were used throughout the hotel, except for the bridal suite, which was furnished in Cherry. In fact, all of the appointments of the hotel were the very best for that day.

The ballroom, on the ground floor could accomodate fifty to one hundred couples and had ample room for the orchestra and spectators.

In the office, there was a large safe which required seven or eight yokes of oxen to haul it up the mountain. This safe was used to store valuables, which included several dozen sets of table silver, a large silver pitcher and dozens of silver goblets, as well as large serving pieces.

Business was good for several years and guests came from as far away as Memphis and Arkansas. The remains of the safe and fragments of the guest register are all that survived the fire which destroyed the hotel in 1932.

From The Maryville Daily Times
August 2, 1886


Allegheny Springs are located high on the mountains from which they derive their name. They are situated 14 miles South of Maryville, the terminus of the Knoxville & Augusta R.R. to Maryville.

The scenery and healthfulness of these Springs surpasses anything in the South. For pure air and pleasant nights has no equal. To those who are suffering with liver, kidney, bowel and nervous diseases, chronic chills or malarial affections, and especially those originating in the South and debilities originating from acute diseases, diseases of children and any female complaint, rheumatism, neuralgia, etc., having three kinds of water; iron, (sulpher) and a spring known as the "Eye Spring," for all diseases acute or chronic.


Ample provisions will be made for dancing to the accompaniment of stringed instruments or piano. First-class croquet grounds. Fishing and boating near the hotel. Other amusements are fully provided for.

The Hotel, new and spacious, sufficient to accomodate three to four hundred guests is heated with gas. The bath house has hot and cold water. Electric call bells and a fire alarm.

A daily Mail Hack will be run from Maryville to the Springs with ample bus accomodations for passengers seeking accomodations at the hotel, or to persons desiring to see the fine scenery of the region.

There will be a competent physician to attend to the wants of the sick.


The Allegheny Springs were opened June 1st, 1886, this being the first time the springs have been opened to the public. We desire to bring to the attention of those who seek health and pleasure the opportunity to test the merits of those springs.

Per Day $2.00
Per week $5.00
Per month $40.00
*Special rates to families